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Free Wheel

Choreography: Liron Ozeri & Rachel Erdos

Original Music: Alon Peretz

Place: Design Museum Holon

Dancer: Liron Ozeri

Video & Editing: Koby Ben Shushan


The bicycle exhibition presented about a hundred bicycles according to four cross-sections: time, content, technology, and of course, design.


Free Wheel is unique dance performance – a tribute to the world's most unique objects - the bicycle, a personal means of transportation that since its invention has symbolized equal freedom of movement for all.


Choreography: Liron Ozeri

Music: "Cuerpo Celeste" by Murcof

Costumes: Liron Ozeri

Dancer: Liron Ozeri


Modern dance solo performance, which takes us to a journey – well known to each of us. We go through life hiding behind masks, which symbolize our fears and serve our defense. Over time, this defensive wall crumbles, we remain naked, vulnerable and eventually free.


Choreography: Liron Ozeri & Nir Even Shoam

Dancers: Liron Ozeri & Nir Even Shoam

Music: Hildur Gudradottir/Brandt Brauer Frick

Lighting design: Lior Cohen

Costumes: Valentina


To each starting point, there’s a specific point in time, and for each starting point there’s an ending point. Two separate forces so conflicting yet completing each other on the move in constant motion, and there is nothing absolute about it. One cannot exist without the other.


Dancers: Liron Ozeri & Mai Kesem Armon

Music: Alon Perez

Lighting design: Lior Cohen

Costumes: Valentina


"We are two very different characters but as different as we are, as similar we are too, the world we live in is wide and full of possibilities." A dance creation debating gender and a new way to express sexuality, passion and relationship, without labelling, while disconnecting society.

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