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As I Am 

Choreography: Alice Dor Cohen

Dancer: Liron Ozeri


A solo dance with high heels, performed by Liron Ozeri. Confrontation of one to himself and society's prejudices fears toward the different. It describes the individual dealing with his sexual identity and society's prejudices and fears of the exceptional. It reminds the story of "The Ugly Duckling" which eventually became a beautiful swan. The difficulty can sometimes serve as a lever for progress and learning. The dance begins with a glimpsing of the crowd into a room of a young person who is considering the matter with himself about his sexual identity. This is reflected in the movement itself and through two accessories – high-heeled shoes, which he takes out of a box and a buttoned shirt symbolizing masculinity. The boy wears the heel shoes and takes off his shirt. During the dance he goes through a journey of adjustment to the high-heeled shoes and even succeeds to virtuously move with them. Finally the young man wears the shirt and goes to the outside world with confidence and a sense of.


Choreography: Rachel Erdos

Original Music: Idan Shimoni

Music: Modest Mouse, Rage Against the Machine 

Costumes: Liron Ozeri

Lighting Design: Jacob Beresy

Dancers: Yoav Grinberg, Gil Kerer, Amit Marsiano, Adi Boutrous, Snir Nakar, Liron Ozeri

Length: 25 mins


“The Seven Deadly Sins: pride, sloth, gluttony, envy, anger, lust and greed are not forbidden acts but the passions that lead us intotemptation…the stuff that makes us human.” 

(Aviad Kleinberg, 7 Deadly Sins)


Premiered in November 2013 as part of ‘Curtain Up Festival’, supported by The Ministry of Culture and The Israel Festival.

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